Dark Knight Hair+Body Mousse
Dark Knight Hair+Body Mousse

Dark Knight Hair+Body Mousse

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This one is for that knight in shining armor. A blend of birch tar and sandalwood for a deep smoky tone that is irresistible. Frankincense, myrrh, and vanilla add body making you melt in the arms of whoever is bears the scent.

A light and airy butter great for normal to extremely dry hair/skin. Electta's signature oil-butter blend of shea and cocoa butters with almond, coconut and olive oils provides multilayer hydration for skin. Infused with herbs like sage, rosemary and chamomile to calm, balance, and promote healthy cell growth. Leave it to Electta to transform this classic into the ultimate hydrator with a cloud like texture, making a little go a long way.

    *Most effective on normal to dry, damp hair/skin.


    Shh - relieves itching and prevents razor bumps and ingrown hairs